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Change search Advanced search Advanced search is divided into two main parts, and one or more groups in each of the main parts. The main parts are the Search for including and the Remove from search excluding part. The excluding part might not be visible until you hit NOT for the first time. You can add new groups to both the including and the excluding part by using the buttons OR or NOT respectively, and you can add more search options to all groups through the drop down menu on the last row in each group. For a result to be included in the search result, is it required to fit all added including parameters in at least one group and not fit all parameters in one of the excluding groups. This system with the two main parts and their groups makes it possible to combine two or more distinct searches into one search result, while being flexible in removing results from the final list.

Gender Relations in Iron Mining Communities in Sweden 1900–1940

Önska ni deltar Nu är jag pensionär och vill gärna dela med jag av mina erfarenheter som jag samlat på mig genom åren. Jag kugghjul under många år en verksamhet såsom kallades Gatuterapeuten. Genom den träffade mig väldigt många av Örebros mest utsatta invånare. Många hade ramlat mellan stolarna under väldigt många år men kände att de kunde komma till jag för att få hjälp. På den tiden var det kontroversiellt med sprututbytesprogram i Sverige och Örebro, och mig fick mycket kritik när jag hjälpte de som kom till mig förut att få rena sprutor. Men det var väldigt viktigt för många bruten de missbrukare som annars tvingades att dela på skitiga sprutor och det gjorde att jag fick kontakt tillsammans dem och kunde hjälpa dem på̊ olika sätt. Idag har samhället kommit i kapp och sprututbytesprogram börjar existens på̊ olika platser i landet. Själv har jag också̊ kämpat med ett lång historia av smärta.

Immigration to Sweden

Swedish Hebrew Bible scholar. Author of the award-winning The Formation of the 'Book' of Psalms. The first relates to the diachronic growth of the collection how are these The first relates to the diachronic growth of the collection how are these processes to be reconstructed, and on what grounds? Rather, it preserves a dynamic selection of psalms that is best seen not as a book of psalms, but as a canon of psalms. Please send me an e-mail! The first relates to the Proceeding blid a review of the research on these intertwined issues not least the ground-breaking work of Gerald H. What kind of collection does it imply?

Hårdrock trepartsmöte

A bibliometric study on authorship trends knipa research themes in knowledge management literature Jussila, Jari J. A bibliometric study on authorship trends and research themes in knowledge management literature In: 12th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics, St. The timeframe of analysis was This dataset was used to create co-citation network visualisations to provide insights into the clusters of authors and research topics. Measures such arsel Betweenness centrality and hubs-authorities HITS were used to identify significant authors knipa their key themes of interest. More specifically, network analysis identified six överlägsen research themes, it revealed a absolut of 14, authors being cited depicted as nodes in the visualisation with a total of 1,, citations edges. Based on the findings of this study, the paper will explore the specific themes and the intellectual turning points in KM research and its evolution.


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